Hydrogen Molecules

In 2007, Professor Shigeo Ohta of Nippon Medical School published the antioxidant action of hydrogen molecules in Nature Medicine. Since December 2016, hydrogen gas inhalation has been added to the advanced medical treatment B by Japanese Health Ministry. Hydrogen gas inhalation has also been officially published as a prevention measure in COVID-19 treatment by European Respiratory Journal in 2019.

Silver Ion

To generate certain amount of ions by energizing the silver electrode plate is possible to maintain stable and reliable bactericidal effect. Harmless and no irritation to skin.

Electrolyzed Hypochlorous Acid

It is obtained by electrolyzing hydrochloric acid or saline.

Ozone Water

Ozone is dissolved in water by applying a DC voltage across both electrodes to cause electrolysis.


Hydrogen Water

What is hydrogen water?

Water containing hydrogen. Hydrogen water is the water in which a certain amount of hydrogen melts and is called “hydrogen rich water”. The molecular hydrogen hydrogenation Symposium (the research group aiming at the scientific development of the research related to the action of the molecular hydrogen in the living body) is defined as water of hydrogen concentration of at least 0.08 ppm or more.

Hydrogen water can be made by electrolysis of water or by mixing the hydrogen into water. Does hydrogen, gas, melt into water? However, the amount of hydrogen that can be dissolved in the water is 1.57 ppm (ppm is 1 / 1 million).

Why is hydrogen water attracting attention?

Hydrogen water is rich in hydrogen, and it is changed to the substance which does not oxidize the other by the action of the hydrogen molecule. A research paper in which the active oxygen generated in the body by eating and exercising, and “body active oxygen (hydroxyl radical)” which changes the aging body in the body, and it changes into harmless water was published in the scientific journal “Nature Medicine” in May, 2007. It is triggered by the article on the content of “the active oxygen can be efficiently removed by the hydrogen gas” published by Professor seio OTA of the cell biology school of Nippon Medical School. It has been attracting attention as an effective substance for health and beauty because it combines with active oxygen which is the cause of the aging of the callus and the lifestyle habit disease and is reduced to harmless water.

Effect and efficacy

It has been noticed that there is the effect of changing the active oxygen (hydroxyl radical) which causes the aging and the disease to harmless water, and various researches are carried out all over the world, and the paper is published.

In the study of lifestyle related diseases, effects on beauty, obesity, disease and symptoms, neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, metabolic syndrome, inflammatory or mitochondrial myopathy, rheumatoid arthritis, lipid metabolism abnormality, chronic hepatitis B, venous flow improvement, interstitial cystitis, etc In addition to the announcement, we have conducted a joint study with hydrogen water related companies and universities, and the use of hydrogen water for agriculture, and the effort to increase yield and quality.

A report on improvement of mitochondrial disease by hydrogen water

On Oct. 3, a paper suggesting that hydrogen water is effective in improving mitochondrial disease has been published in medical gas research. Joint research between Nagoya University and Aichi Medical University. It is a very important treatise that shows that hydrogen water can contribute to the improvement of disease. I knew it would be coming soon, so I was looking forward to the announcement.


Safety and side effects of hydrogen water


Hydrogen is a safe and safe food additive approved by the Ministry of health, labour and welfare. Food additives have been approved for strict inspection of whether or not it will harm people’s health. Since 1995, the survey continued in 2000, 2004, 2005, and 2007, and it is recognized that there is no harm to health as food additives.

Side effects

Although it has been said that it is a safe food additive, there is no side effect of hydrogen. Even if you take excessive amount of hydrogen water, it does not react to active oxygen and is discharged into the body through respiration or a geoping, so it does not affect the body. However, it may damage the stomach with too much water, but this is the same as ordinary water.

Hydrogen related papers

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Epidemic Prevention and Sterilization

The electrolysis device of our company is one of the effective methods to remove the new coronavirus. Winstream  is a manufacturing company of micro acid electrolytic water generating equipment and hydrogen water generation equipment. We can provide different types of electrolysis system, sterilization or hydrogen production device according to your needs. This design originates from JIS B 8701 specification for hypochlorite water generator made in Japan. JIS B 8701 hypochlorous acid water generator.

It was established on October 20, 2017 [3]. Hypochlorous acid water generated from JIS certified products is from 2.2-8.6 effective chlorine concentration of 10 to 100 mg / kg. It also covers areas different from the range of food additives.

Through electrolysis of sodium chloride aqueous solution in a diaphragm free electrochemical cell, with hypochlorite ion (OCL -) as the main component, the electrolytic water containing hypochlorite (HClO) is generated. The physical property is ph7.5-10, and the effective chlorine concentration is 50-200ppm. It is the same as diluted sodium hypochlorite, and can be used as a food additive (Ministry of health No.31 notice of the chief of Food Chemistry Department of the Health Bureau of the Ministry of health, health, health, health, health, labor and life) [14] . like hypochlorite water, the water itself is not circulating, and the device is circulating.

December 20s06

Effect of acidic electrolyzed water (hypochlorous acid) on norovirus removal

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