C-G xx / Hydrogen gas

W20.2 × D14.2 × H20

Skin aging causes ageing, and active oxygen has a great contribution on the cause of aging. Hydrogen is capable of removing active oxygen. By incorporating hydrogen everyday, the cause of skin troubles can be cleared away from the body and you would expect a beautiful skin effect.

Model number:C-XXX

Generation method:Electrolysis

Mist method: Dry mist method using ultrasonic transducer

Power supply used:AC adapter

Power input:AC100〜240V 50/60Hz

accessories:AC adapter body / power cable or wireless charging kit / user manual

Body material:ABS/PC/Metal

Packing material box:paper

Protective bag:PE


D-S xx / Atomizer series

W20.2 × D14.2 × H20

Easy to carry anytime, anywhere, Functional water is used for sterilization. High density Hydrogen water is ready to use and replenish water. Easy operation, Great for indoor and outdoor use.