MHC Series

. True On-Line

. No-break protection for critical applications

. Double Conversion and Pure Sine Waveform Output

. The cleanest, most compatible AC output for computer systems

. 50KHz High Frequency Operation

. Compact Size, lighter weight for decreased shipping costs

. Near Unity Input Power Factor (≧0.95)

. Saving input current 1/3

. Superior Output Voltage Regulation

. Eliminating unnecessary battery discharges for violent voltage fluctuations

. Dual Full Bridge Inverter and Complete Isolation

. More durable and higher reliability

. High Efficiency  (≧85%)

. More efficient and energy saving

. RS232 Interface and SNMP Solutions

. Available for most operating systems and Novell environments




Since its foundation in 1989, Winstream power Electronics has been recognized time and again for unbeatable value and performance in uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) technology.

Our award winning range of online, standby, and line interactive UPS are ideally tailored to protect your computer workstations, LAN’s, hospital devices, telecommunication, traffic control and more.

Innovators in the UPS industry

Winstream power UPS was the first in Taiwan to develop high frequency, double conversion UPS. All of our products are renowned for their high efficiency and reliability. Microprocessor-based architecture provides both true digital quality monitoring and control with superior load protection.

Our products are certified to either TÜV or CE specifications. We also have been tested and certified to meet stringent Novell Compatibility tests that ensure our UPS operate properly in network environments.

A Complete Solution

A full line of UPS monitoring and shutdown software products are available for most operating systems. Our software products feature unattended shutdown, power status, problem reporting, event logging, remote UPS management and SNMP solutions. We are committed to providing total power control solution including management software, our full line of UPS products and our best in the industry service.